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Wildlife Recordings in and around Stowford Nature


2012 Pix in and around Stowford Nature


More Pix in and around Stowford Nature

  Beth snow

Pix in the snow at Stowford Nature

  Beth wash

Some more cat pix

  Beth chair

Bethselamin on the computer chair

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Stowford in Autumn 2001

These aren't holiday snaps, I live here

Autumn View
Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold.

Joan's Japanese larch in fall.

Big Beech

The Big Beech.

Autumn colours are rich this year.

Long Shadows

Long Shadows.

The fields are someone else's, the close shadows are Stowford's.


The Last of the Apples.

Stowford in Spring

'Narcissus pseudonarcissus', the English Wild Daffodils that Wordsworth wrote his poem about, are growing in banks and hedgerows everywhere.

The first primroses of Spring 2000

First come the snowdrops in the drive and everywhere

The "yellow season" starts with the primroses and daffodils

Stowford in Summer

It's hot but the patrol's out. Beth and Meddy

We've been land-
scaping and Beth's sister Thise is having a good explore

But Beth has spotted her and is about to pounce

But Vienna is content to super-
vise from a handy blanket

This is how Vienna sulks if shifted from "her" blanket.
She is actually Black & White but is now sun bleached

Stowford in Winter

It was me - I let the cats out

Maine Coons are psycrophilic - they like the cold
(It's the right word but you'll need a posh dictionary)

Getting them back in again was a different matter

It only takes an inch of snow to bring out all those semi-Arctic instincts

It was dark before they were all rounded up again

Petunias started off doing the "sticky paw dance"

but soon got the feel of it and was away

Thise sniffed the stuff

strode off

leaped on it

and pounced

and the resident robin looked on

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